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2018 Photography Contest

Sponsored in part by the Granville Arts Commission and Granville Kiwanis

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The Granville Arts Commission is partnering with the Granville Kiwanis to offer two photography contests this year.  An Instagram Photography Contest (online submission and jurored voting), and a Traditional Print Photography Contest with Juror Selected Exhibition and Awards Reception.

Artists can submit up to five 8x10-prints accompanied with the high-res digital file.

We recommend that you make your own prints to ensure the correct resolution, enhancements and cropping, however we will offer to print your 8x10s for free (limit 5)). Each file must be accompanied by a signed entry form, which indicates whether you are a Professional or Amateur/Hobbyist. A committee of jurors will select printed photos to be included in the public contest at the Granville Public Library (August 20-Sept. 30). They will also select a subset of photos to be included in a special formal Exhibition and Awards Reception at ART@43023.


Photographs must be taken in Granville, Ohio during the 2018 Granville 4th of July Celebration (July 4-7) or in the weeks surrounding it. 


Photographs will be judged by the public (online by Instagram likes and at the Granville Public Library by ballot) and a committee of Jurors. Photographs related to the Granville 4th of July Celebration will be eligible for a special July 4th contest award, to be selected by the Jurors and the Kiwanis Club of Granville.

Both contests are free and open to the public to participate {including amateur and professional photographers, and non-residents of Granville.) Cash prizes including a top prize of $100 for the print contest and other awards will be presented at an Awards Reception at ART@43023 during the Jurored Exhibition.

Each print contest entry must be accompanied by a signed Entry Form:



Instagram Photography Contest ideal for cell phone photography images is open to the public. This popular format is readily accessible and allows people to upload photographs directly from cell phones into Instagram, as well as standard photographs. It aims to encourage youth, families and amateurs to participate. Deadline:  Submissions to be considered for the contest must be uploaded to Instagram (#Granville4th) by July 31. The public voting will be online via Instagram #Granville4th through “likes” and continue through the end of the contest (August 25). [Note, Instagram is setup to allow each person to “like” an image only once.] A committee of Jurors t

Print Photography Contest for Inclusion in Formal Awards Exhibition will also be offered to appeal to hobbyists and Professional photographers.  This contest requires submission of high resolution (minimum 2MB) images and a signed entry form (below). Photographs must be taken in Granville, Ohio during the Granville 4th of July Celebration (July 4-7) or during the weeks surrounding it. Limit of 5 photographs. Deadline of submissions is July 31. Photographers submit their own printed 8x10s. The Committee can print your photographs, however we cannot guarantee the optimal cropping, resolution or enhancements.  We will frame and display the entries for public voting at the Granville Public Library from August 20-September 30 on the professional art display walls of the first-floor main digital lab area. Photographs selected for the contest will be numbered and the public can vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd by anonymous paper vote. One vote per person. Once the voting is completed, the winning photographs will be included in the Jurored Exhibition at ART@43023, with an awards reception and selection of Professional Photographs commissioned for the 2018 contest. Winners will receive prizes including a top prize of $100. Submit up to 5 images (with high resolution, minimum 2 MB recommended) on a portable USB drive, CD or DVD and label. You can mail the entries to: Granville Kiwanis Photo Contest, PO Box 133, Granville OH 43023 or hand-deliver them to the Granville Village Offices, 141 E. Broadway, Granville OH 43023 (open M-F 8-4:30pm). The high-resolution digital files should be included, or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include "Photo Contest" in the subject line.




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